Freddy's Lament part 3

2015-05-14 12:44:53 by skylegend01

Hey everyone, been working hard on Freddy's Lament part 3 and just wanted to let you all know there is a teaser image up!


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2015-05-15 12:43:23

Looks like Spring Trap! (Watch me be wrong and induce face palms.)
Anyway, you take as long as you need, life things are important too. People shouldn't really complain about having to wait for free videos xD Looking forward to it, longer and more detailed is always awesome :D

skylegend01 responds:

Thank you I definitely appreciate that and you would be correct it is Springtrap, but I appreciate you and everyone else who are patient with me because I know it's not easy. I will make it something special for everyone when I release the animation. :)