Entry #8

Updates coming for Skylegend Animation!

2015-10-09 10:42:36 by skylegend01

I just want to thank everyone for the love and support shown for the channel and the latest Freddy's Lament. I love creating things for you all and it keeps me motivated to get better with every animation and make the best work possible for you all! We are not stopping though next week I will have an update video for some new info as well as content coming to the channel! I'm excited to get the ball rolling and end the year with a bang!

The full animation of Freddy's Lament pt. 3 is on Youtube the animation was too big for me to upload to Newgrounds unfortunately, but I have a Halloween animation coming soon!


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2016-06-17 07:51:13

make more fnaf with markipleir pls


2016-06-25 12:11:47

Don't listen to bonniegamersbff4life. You can do whatever you want. He doesn't care.

He just wants to enslave you to do work, but we can't have that, now, can we?

skylegend01 responds:

Lol don't worry I am working on some different stuff besides FNAF but I will be returning to FNAF soon.


2016-09-08 11:26:24

I personally love your animations.
They are all so smooth and some of my favorites around here on interwebs.
Can't wait to see your Halloween animation!